Monday, 15 September 2014

long time no see!

Well well well its been a good while since I have been in the swing of things, blogging wise. I guess you could say life got in the way. I'm hoping that I can find time and motivation to get things going again. So I will focus on a little update, for those who have stuck around. I'm sure a lot of you will be confused when this pops up in your feed. 'aint that who?'

Ok so I'm still living and teaching in South Korea. This will be my 3rd contract. I still teach at the same kindergarten and still loving sharing my adventure with my twin sister. Theres so much to talk about here that I feel silly not blogging about it. So here goes my 100th attempt at committing and sticking to this platform. Wish me luck!

Maybe a 'what I have been loving' post will help kickstart this whole spectacle.
Nail art! 

It is no secret that I love nail polish and I had really gotten into the whole nail art thing. I have quite the extensive collection, seeing as the polishes are cheap as chip here in korea. Places like Etude house and Skinfood have the nicest shades and brilliant formulas. Best of all they are super cheap. Just what I like to hear. 

I generally use tiny paint brushes to play around with designs and I've also been experimenting with arcylic paints. I recently purchased an at home gel kit so I will surly review that at a later date!

September sees the horrifically hot weather dying down and also chuseok (korean thanksgiving) this gave us a lovely 5 day weekend!! Also my students came in traditional dress, or hanbok. Seeing them all dressed up really is one of the highlights of my year at school! They are so cute and the girls feel like princesses. adorable. 

My sister and I managed to take a trip to Seoul in the long weekend and we had some fun sightseeing and doing LOTS of shopping. The big city is so big and can sometimes be overwhelming. That being said, I do love all the variety and the very convenient subway system. 

I'm not sure I could live in seoul (my bank account would be much emptier for a start) its extremely busy and you do feel kind of lost in the crowd. I enjoy the occasional trip though ^^

So there you have it! Thats my update for now and hopefully I will be seeing you all soon with another post! Cross your fingers for me that I snap back into it ^^. Ta ta for now!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Easy gradient nails...

My last post featured my favourite hand cream so I thought it only fitting to show my new nail art. I say nail art loosely as that would suggest some kind of skill, which this kit negates the need of.

And the award for most difficult box to photograph goes to...Any way Im talking about the gradation art nails from the face shop. This makes achieving a cool gradient effect super easy, if I can do it ANYONE can do it! I have Delightful purple, I am curious about the other colours.

It comes with three polishes that should be layered as instructed on the back of the box (paint the light colour all over, then the next colour half way up and finally the darkest on the tip), in english too and the polishes are even numbered...fool proof. I find using two coats of each polish gives the most dramatic effect and I love how it looks on my longer nails, and equally when my nails are short.

This is a super easy nail look and I get so many compliments when I wear it, and people have asked me which salon I went to. This was a gift from a lovely friend but the face shop is not an expensive brand. Anyone who loves the gradient look should check it out.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hands on...

Hey everyone,

I have become somewhat of a hand cream addict these days. I must apply it around 10 times a day, and when ever I wash my hands. I now have a job that allows me to wear nail varnish and I think its gone to my head and I always want my hands to look perfect.

I have quiet the collection of hand creams and I will no doubt be reviewing all of them but I am going to talk about one of my favourites first.

This is the Skin Food super nut hand cream. I picked this up because the limited edition packaging was too cute to pass. Artist Eva Armisen collaborated with the skin care brand to produce a whole line of products that are just too cute for words.

I love stylised at like this, pieces that are unmistakably from one person. That is the vibe I get from this line, so naturally I bought almost everything they had!

This hand cream is the clear stand out product for me.

They say: 'a hand cream that contains macadamia nut extract and cashew extract. Softens dry, rough hands and keeps them smooth for hours without feeling sticky.'

My thoughts: I adore this product! It really does keep my hands feeling super soft and smooth, without the greasy feeling that a lot of hand creams leave. It smells amazing too, I can't quiet put my finger on what it smells like exactly but its a perfume scent that is quiet sophisticated, not too sweet or floral. The texture is nice and thick so it feels luxurious but it sinks into your hands easily. I keep touching my hands when ever I use this because they feel so good!

As you can see the packaging is to die for! The shape of the bottle brings to mind a much more expensive selection of hand creams. The rose gold cap is a lovely touch and it looks great sat on my desk. I rarely go anywhere without hand cream in my handbag, I kid you not I have 5 tubes in one handbag, (note to self: you do not need 5 hand creams in your handbag). But this is the one I reach for the most.

This is a limited edition product but I have seen it in all of the skin food stores recently, even the smaller concessions inside home plus and lotte mart. If you don't live in South Korea then you can search online. I am going to pick up some more as back ups soon, I love it that much!

Hand care tips:
I have some tips to share with you regarding hand care. I think you should look after your hands, they show age fast and are one of the things I notice first when greeting people. (shaking hands and all that).

Tip 1: Use moisturising gloves. These are like sheet masks for your hands and they really help with the condition of your mitts. I like to use them once a week or so. They are inexpensive and most korean skin care brands sell them.

Tip 2: Always use gloves when cleaning. This is a rule that you must not ignore! Washing up with your bare hands is going to dry them out and weaken your nails. Use gloves and you will see a big difference.

Tip 3: Your nails are jewels not tools. Treat them this way, Don't use them to open cans and other such jobs. Its just going to weaken them.

Tip 4: Give yourself a spa treatment at home. Exfoliate your hands, soak them on warm olive oil for 30 mins and use a luxurious hand cream. Your nails and paws will thank you.

Hope you enjoyed...what are your hand care tips?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Long time no type...

Hello to everyone who is still around after my lack of posts...(insert excuse that will explain, and maybe even gain your sympathy here)

I thought I would kick off this return by giving you an update of how I've been getting on in the ROK.

I have had the best time at my job these last months and it cements the idea that I made the best decision moving to Korea. I love working with the children and my job is never boring. I left a job that I hated and now I am loving everyday! I think working with young children is a marmite situation (you either love it or hate it). Both me and my sister feel this is the best thing we ever did. I have made some amazing friends outside of work too and I love the atmosphere of Korea.

With regards to general life in Korea I can safely say I love it! The people here are generally really nice and kind. People will help you if your having trouble with communication. My korean speaking has improved and I am studying the language, but its very difficult. I can order food, get around in a taxi, ask for someones phone number ;) but I am still shy to speak Korean, I hope I can become more confident with that side of it as I really do want to become a  proficient speaker. I learn from the children at work but somehow I don't think the words for fart, poo and idiot are going to be helpful to me.

We had a winter event at our school were the children performed dances to pop song (britney spears, nsync, the spice girls) and performed in a play. I also had a slot in the production, I had to have a conversation with each child. I was so proud of them that day!

We also had a sledding day which was a lot of fun! We played in the snow and took to the hills, Korean children in full ski suites is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

The winter here was painfully cold some days! it is warming up but I think the cold is here to stick around for a while longer. I am not wishing for summer however as its disgustingly hot and humid. Coming from England I have no experience with humidity so it was a real shock to the system.

I hope to begin posting more from now on and I have already been busy photographing my favourite products to review. I miss being interactive with this site!

I will also be addressing things that maybe people who want to teach here will want to know. So if you are one of those people who has any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will answer!

I hope everyone is well and thank you for sticking around! It feels good to be back!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Cream...

Long time no see!

Well my absence has been the longest since I started blogging, there are no serious reasons to my lack of posting other than my recent full time job. It being my first full time job and a job which I have to run around after children for 9hours a day. Its draining to say the least and to be honest using my computer to do anything but watch the Vampire Diaries or Dexter has been bottom of my list. That being said I have missed interacting on this platform (maybe you missed me too? >.< maybe not).

So I'm back with a review of the Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Cream. I adore this brand and spend a good chunk of time and money there. I have never had any dramatically negative results from any of the ranges, expect to see more reviews of the brand soon.

The packaging is everything I have come to expect from the brand. High quality, glass, sturdy and expensive looking (even though its reasonably cheap).

What they say: 

'A hydrating treatment cream with Royal black honey and Royal jelly extracts that replenishes moisture and transforms skin into a nice honey-glazed completion.'

What I think:

I love it! I was having an issue with dryness on my forehead, which is usual for me. However with the introduction of basically constant air conditioning, my skin was drying out. After using this I have noticed a big difference in the moisture in my skin, and the dry feeling on my cheeks and forehead is gone. 
Its a very thick cream suited to night time use only, in my opinion. My sister actually really dislikes the texture, saying its too much like just spreading honey on your face. I have to disagree, granted it it thick but its smooth and no uncomfortable or sticky. 

When I use this cream I always wake up wanting to touch my face because its so soft. This is one of the brands best sellers and I can see why. When the colder months of South Korea roll around I know I'm going to be happy I have this in my collection. 


This is a great night cream for people with dry skin and oily skin alike. If you need a moisture kick in your skin, try this out. Its a reasonable price but I would have paid more for the results. Worth a look for sure!

Thanks for reading!! 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Creativity kickstart...

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share some inspirational pictures today. I have a distinct lack of accessories here in Korea compared to back home. I find myself wearing the same earrings and carrying the same bag daily. This is getting old for me, I love to change up my finishing touches and I think they can elevate an outfit from 'quite nice' to 'perfect'. I filled my luggage allowance with dresses and neglected most of my accessories. I image all of the beautiful heels and handbags I left behind and weep, yes it affects me that much (well maybe not but I miss them). I recently got my 1st pay check and made a shopping date with my co-worker so I will be fulfilling my craving for spending money soon. I really do think I have a shopping problem, a real life Rebecca Bloomwood, but I have a handle on my expenses and would not spend money I didn't have. Buying new clothes and make up make me happy, simple as that.

I have seem embellished trainers all over the boutiques in Korea and I've been imagining all of the super awesome outfits I could pair them with. Does anyone else obsess over a piece of clothing like this until you buy it? They look so sparkly and amazing, oh yes they will be mine. Provided I can get my big western feet into them. So at the moment I am craving studs, spikes and that edgy look that 2ne1 and BIGBANG do so well.

Songs that I am loving...

Bigbang! I adore this song and am tempted to say its my favourite song that they have done to date (closely followed by beautiful hangover). The video, perfect. The clothing, perfect. Their voices, amazing. Go big bang!! And TOP sounds drool worthy as always.

U-KISS! I was so excited for the release of this song and I am not disappointed. I could listen to Kevin sing all day and they all look so good in this video. skinny jeans and army boots are my favourite combination on a man ever...Thank you U-Kiss. The white and black kinda has an Alex and his droogs look about it, Real horrorshow!

Ok not a new release but I love it all the same. I have some major love for Lee Joon and this is by far my favourite MBLAQ song so far. I love the video too, epic over reaction Joon >.<.

Who is your style crush at the moment? What songs are you loving?
Thanks for reading...

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Cuteness overload...

Before coming to Korea I was so nervous about everything, I mean everything. I am by nature a worrier and I'm sure you can imagine my brain was working overtime. The teaching aspect is what I worried about the most, I had no experience working with children or teaching and in my last few days in england I felt the most unprepared I have ever felt. I am the kind of person that likes plans and lists, if  I am rushed I get flustered and I was hoping moving to korea would snap me out of it and make me more spontaneous.

The job itself has turned out to be really brilliant and I am really enjoying it so far. I have made great friends with my co-workers and an especially good friend out of the other english teacher so I am happy! I wanted to share some adorable pictures of the kids I get to teach every day...They are all so cute and keep you on your toes. I also spend most of the day going 'awwww' and 'oh my god so cute!'

1. Twins! Jordan and Lonnie. they are from my sisters class but they are just precious! And they look exactly alike. 
2. Jerry, he tiny and possibly the cutest kid I have ever seen! seriously he weighs almost nothing and I could pick him up with one hand. 
3. Me and Venus class, they can be a handful but they are all as sweet as can be. I have a kind of love hate relationship with the one in yellow, Jimmy. 
4. Sarah. The sweetest kid in the world, she's so affectionate and tell me all the time 'Teacher I love you'! I would adopt her in a flash! Haha! 
5. Jenna in her princess dress. Sometimes they just wear princess dresses...They need no reason >.<
6. Me and my star student John. Excuse my manic expression and bedraggled appearance, it was the last class of an exceptionally hot day but I had to get a picture with john. He's so smart! I know he will do amazing things when he is older. 

Thanks for reading...